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Dovetailed at Founders Forum

Dovetailed recently attended the latest gathering of Founders Forum in London; an organisation that brings together the world’s best, brightest and most inspirational digital entrepreneurs. We were there to showcase the latest iteration of our nūfood 3D Food Printer, taking pride of place in an exhibition that featured equally innovative products such as low-cost prosthetics, virtual-haptic interfaces and mood-enhancing wearables.

Guests to our stand were treated to a sneak-peek of our next generation appliance which features a significantly reduced footprint, contemporary aesthetic and an intuitive tablet app that makes 3D-printing food near effortless. In addition to the appliance our in-house gastronomists were showcasing their latest recipies produced specially for the nūfood printer: custard-tart with pastry base and balsamic vinegar with cheese.

The model on show is a prelude to our crowd funding campaign beginning on the 24th of August. Those who wish to support our endeavours in creative cuisine can pledge money to fund further development with the aim of bringing a consumer appliance and accompanying printable-juices to market. Several tiers will be available including the chance to own the first nūfood printers in existence.

Amongst the many movers and shakers from the technology industry who stopped by to enquire about nūfood was none other than Bre Pettis, the founder of MakerBot; arguably the original and most successful consumer 3D-printing company. Bre chatted to us about the difficulties of creating a compelling proposition for 3D-printed food, and hinted that he felt we were on the right track with our desire to create entirely new sensory experiences in food rather than displace traditional methods.

Dovetailed continue to showcase the nūfood printer at various events around the world that reflect our interests in consumer 3D-printing and gastronomy. For further information please get in touch or follow nūfood on Twitter, Instagram or LinkedIn.

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