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Visit to the Aqua Shard

People around the world recognise Renzo Piano’s iconic Shard building as a defining part of London’s ever changing skyline; an impressive feat of design and engineering towering above London’s Borough market. Within this razor-sharp structure also happens to be one of London’s premier restaurants; Aqua Shard. Head Chef Ben Spalding is renowned for his experimental, experience focused dining. Ben made his name preparing dishes from ingredients patrons brought to his pop-ups and pushing the boundaries of cuisine by serving signature dishes on a caramel-coated house brick.

Given his reputation for creativity nūfood were honoured to be invited to meet with Ben to demo our food printer. Ben is very supportive of our plans and eager to get his hands on a printer. We discussed the unique challenges facing Aqua Shard such as the demanding client base and the logistics of serving up to 800 patrons at once; that’s a lot of printers!

We thank Ben for his invitation and hope to find ways to work closely together in the future. In the meantime, Head Chef’s and foodies alike can keep up to date with the latest nūfood developments by checking our website and Twitter.

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