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Showcase at The Royal Society of Chemistry

The Royal Society of Chemistry (RSC) is a 51,000-strong organisation which has supported chemical science for the past 170 years. Nūfood were honoured to be invited to the prestigious organisation’s third annual Emerging Technologies Showcase which brought together the brightest minds in academia, industry, startups and investment.

Held at BAFTA, nūfood were keeping guests refreshed with sumptuous cocktails, supplemented with freshly made treats from our 3D food printer. The evening saw the world premiere of our latest food printer: dubbed the nūfood Apricot First Edition. Technophiles and foodies alike passed by to marvel at the unique technology and its delicious results.

With the possibilities of 3D printing rapidly accelerating at an unprecedented rate, the challenge for this Cambridge based company has been to come up with something which was going to serve as the next big step forward. 3D Printing solid materials is well established in the industry, but never before has it been possible to build with liquids to create juicy bites and delicious treats.

Putting our 3D food printer to the test

This lets us print among other exciting creations, the fruits which added the finishing touches to our RSC cocktails; each presented in a test-tube for that authentic chemistry-themed look. Guests chatted to us at length about the possibilities for form and flavour; from strawberries with in-built cream to alcoholic cherries and the multisensory delight of the banana-flavoured grape!

We were especially pleased to have piqued the interest of an established London chef, who was keen to explore how our printer might enhance the creative potential of his kitchen and help him continue to wow patrons at his restaurant. It was soon apparent that the automated operation of the printer was a key differentiator and could enable this chef to undertake even more audacious dishes.

Finally a further successful outcome of the evening came in the form of establishing the reliability of our process and the printer itself. For three hours straight we produced perfect creations which were each as delicious, nutritious and finely formed as the first.

The next steps for nūfood

The RSC event has been the proud culmination of many intensive months work for our dedicated team at nūfood, proving that the concept has real appeal for our core market. As a lifestyle appliance for adding that extra touch to cocktails, desserts or any culinary endeavour you fancy, this is the product we’d been dreaming about.

Now we need your help. This August we’ll be launching a crowdfunding campaign to fund development of the shipping version of the product. With a refined design, smoother operation and an ever-growing range of possible creations, we hope to appeal to a wide range of creative food lovers.

Stay tuned in the run-up to our crowdfunding launch for further news, behind-the-scenes articles and stories behind the development of nūfood, the 3D food printer designed by Dovetailed.

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