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5 minutes with Armando Carlone

Armando is our resident chemist, splitting his time between wearing an R&D scientist hat in a pharma company and lead scientist at Dovetailed. We had a quick chat to find out more about what inspires him and life at Dovetailed

Passion, innovation and creativity are values I believe define my work. I need to feel that I can bring a different spin in what I do and that it has an impact. I like to take good things one-step further. As well as teamwork, great ideas come when bright minds come together and co-operate.

I have lived in a number of countries around Europe during my career and I have enjoyed a number of other activities beyond chemistry. I believe it’s important to recognise the value of researchers and research and to bring out the issues and concerns at different levels; amongst other roles, I was a board member of Eurodoc (European federation of PhD and postdoc associations).

Cambridge has an incredible, positive vibe. It’s a pool of incredibly talented people who don’t fear talking and collaborating with each other; innovation and great projects are just around the corner, every day.

I’m most inspired by people in the past who put all their passion and life into a good cause; people who fought for freedom and people who were incredibly good at describing in prose all those days; people who take a big leap because they believe in their idea.

My workbench needs to be tidy and organised; everything has its own place so that I know where things are and I can reach them easily when needed. My desk space however, needs to be messy in its own order; people may seem confused but I know where everything is and it’s handy to have what I need on the desk rather than locked in drawers – I only put files in the drawers when they need to be archived.

Innovation, creativity and positive energy best describe Dovetailed; a great team of very talented people who are fantastic at working together to come up with new projects and the right solution for the modern world.

To me, innovation is looking at things from a different perspective, changing the way people enjoy things, and coming up with ideas and solutions at the right time so that it can be appreciated.

I’m most proud of what I haven’t done yet. I am always looking forward to realising the next project or idea and making it happen.

I like my coffee like I like my pizza; simple and plain. Give me an espresso, a glass of good wine and a margherita and I’ll be happy! Not in that order, please.

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