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The Future of Food Debate

Vaiva was invited to participate in a panel discussion at Maxus London, one of the fastest growing networks of local agencies, currently part of GroupM and WPP to debate the Future of Food.

In an era defined by immense innovation in technology as well as digital media, our attitudes to food and dining have also undergone somewhat of a revolution. Consumers have higher expectations and are no longer satisfied with a product that meets their need. They seek new experiences, stories and convenience.

Food is polarised by two forces. On the one hand technology is driving progress and there are amazing opportunities around this such as 3D food printing. On the other end of the spectrum there is a distinct move towards provenance and authenticity as more people care about how their food reaches the table.

Are these forces mutually exclusive? Can food brands navigate a middle ground and answer the many demands of modern consumers?

These and other themes themes kicked off the debate, drawing on the panel’s extremely varied expertise, which included Tony Turnbull (The Times), Mina and Nell (The Guardian COOK Editors), Julian Hearn (Huel – Engineered Nutrition) and our own Vaiva Kalnikaitė (Dovetailed/ nūfood – 3D Food Printing).

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