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Who needs packaging?

There is so much we can do with fresh groceries. We tried experimenting with this in preparation for our food tech hackathon this Saturday, 24th September 2014. We chose some fruit and vegetables that had less regular shapes from a local shop, for example, apples that were a bit less round than usual – it put a new twist on rooting around for the ideal fridge and pantry fillers in the ailses!

Laser cutting was pretty straightforward – after a few attempts using the rotary tool and figuring out how to calculate the circumference of a circle using π (for the first time in 13 years!) we had results.

We laser engraved a recipe for an apple pie into an apple, created instructions on how to cut up a courgette straight into a courgette (see images below); and finally, embedded a visualisation showing how much vitamin C is in an aubergine into an aubergine itself.

Next, we will be laser etching more fruit & veg for a ceiling installation.

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