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Trajectories - Emotional Garnish + AI

for Amazon

The Amazon team in Cambridge tasked Dovetailed with pairing fabulous food with innovative technology at their Trajectories event in March 2019.


  • Artificial Intelligence

  • 3D Printing

  • Food Printing

Emotional Garnish

We created Emotional Garnish, a personalised cocktail flavoured by the views and opinions of each individual guest. We used Artificial Intelligence to analyse the last 3,200 tweets they had posted and from this, computed a sentiment score which told us how happy, sad or neutral they had been. We then used this data to calculate how sweet or sour their 3D printed nūfood cocktail garnish should be.

Based on the psychology of taste, we made their garnish sweeter if their tweets showed they weren’t as happy, and a little more sour if they showed that they were happier - each guest received a garnish which was unique to them.


The event was a huge success, leading to the planning of a future event to build on the conversations and connections made at the first dinner. Watch out for the next Trajectories!

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