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Risk Analysis Portal

For Cambridge University Centre for Risk Studies

The Centre for Risk Studies wanted to develop a portal that would form the launchpad for their exciting new service targeting risk assesors and risk managers in large corporations. They approached Dovetailed and asked us to create a portal which was independent from their current Cambridge University hosted site, so they could start to collect data and build relationships with prospective clients.


  • Personas

  • User Journeys

  • Wireframes

  • Iterative design sprints

  • UI Design

User Journeys

In order to understand the potential future clients, we worked alongside the Centre for Risk Studies team to outline two user personas and associated user journeys. These formed a shared understanding into which we grounded the design work and decision making throughout the project. This was essential in keeping the goal in mind as the project developed.

Iteration as a process of discovery

We used an iterative process to help discovery. We started with building and feedbacking on low fidelity wireframes which helped identify questions and suggest solutions for both user needs and design outcomes. A close relationship with regular discussion and feedback helped chisel the final outcome from a series of explorations and understandings. This light-weight, rapid approach helped maximise value for the client.

Translation into final outcome

The project concluded with the delivery of high-fidelity final designs that were handed over to the client for implementation. This final site achieved the desired functions and addressed user needs that had been uncovered throughout the project. Content was presented in an accessible but professional manner and a sense of clarity and trustworthiness was woven into the design and copy throughout.


We delivered high fidelity designs for the Risk Analysis Portal capable of hosting content and capturing data that shone a spotlight on the unique and impressive services offered. The portal is now live, engaging clients with the service offerings and operating as the one-stop shop for risk analysis needs.

We enjoyed working with Dovetailed. You understood our brief and created a clean attractive design. We like your working methods and the technology that you use to represent the designs is practical and useable in the ongoing development process.

—  CEO

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