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Smart Kitchen Summit Seattle

Here there and everywhere, what a beautiful place Seattle is just before Autumn (fall), and therefore a beautiful place to come together for the Smart Kitchen Summit. Seattle is fostering a food revolution with the epi-centre at Pikes place, the market, which is so vibrant it makes you want to twist and shout. In my life I have rarely followed in the footsteps of the greats but the opening evening was held at the Edgewater Hotel where The Beatles famously fished from their hotel room window. It was a great place to come together for a celebration of food.

At the Edgewater it was a showcase competition for the best tech start-up in food. An evening of canapes and drink whilst the judges would be wandering round rating the prospective candidates. It made you second guess every second Eleanor Rigby and got you thinking we can work this out as to who are the judges.

The next day everyone came together for a series of talks on the food tech scene. Of particular note was the talk by the VP of the Amazon Echo team who cited what could be in our future homes. At points it all felt a bit too much, but I've got a feeling most of his ideas will come to fruition.

We swiftly left the talks to take the long and winding road to our venue for our nūfood pop-up party. We knew the outcome of the competition would be announced after we had left so we were thinking please, please me. Our first guests arrived bearing the great news that we had WON! Needless to say with that news celebration and jubilation were in the air.

Seattle has really got a hold on me, I would love to go back for a holiday. For a business trip with the 3D food printer travelling all that way to be victorious only made the whole experience sweeter. Thanks Smart Kitchen Summit for a wonderful trip and crowning us champions.


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