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The e-Luminate Cambridge Festival is a celebration of the infinite possibilities created by light at the intersection of art and science. This year we got together with Cambridge CleanTech to explore those possibilities. We have resurrected our #skysmartyballoon and reprogrammed it for the occasion!

Because we believe skysmarty is an emotionally intelligent bit of tech, he’s been programmed to light up and change colours when you post the following hashtags:

We had a great deal of fun setting up the display at the Cambridge Future Business Centre, gathered around our growing and glowing balloon!

Though sadly the e-luminate festival has ended, #skysmarty goes on… You will find skysmarty at the main atrium of the Future Business Centre where all can enjoy and interact with the display.

We have it on good authority that the temperature in there can be quite variable, so if you happen to drop by, feel free to post the following hashtags and watch how #skysmarty responds…


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