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Telling our story through pictures

We wanted to find an imaginative, colourful and engaging way to tell Dovetailed's story to our community - friends, clients, new business contacts and industry peers. Our Creative Director and visual artist, Lele Saa created a collection of stickers which depict the different elements of who we are and what we do. Read on to see the designs and what they say about us.

Office - this is our home on Hills Road in Cambridge which includes our leafy roof terrace and vibrant blue front door. We love our location - just moments from the Cambridge University Botanic Gardens and Parker's Piece for when we need a fix of fresh air and nature. We are just a short stroll from the train station and city centre so easy to reach. We have also recently hopped over the Atlantic to Seattle where Daniel is exploring opportunities for Dovetailed in the US.

Design - we are a design studio specialising in UX and interaction design. By applying behavioural and data science, we gain fresh insights into what the user needs and incorporate this into our design. By putting the user at the centre of our design, we create products, experiences and interfaces which are intuitive, meaningful and accessible. We bring science to design and humanity into technology.

nūfood 3D food printer - in addition to our design work, we also invented the nūfood printer which makes juicy flavour bursts to accessorise food & drink. Want a dirty martini with a 3D printed olive flavour burst? Then this is something our nūfood printer can produce. It is available to hire for events and we have a new model launching later this year so watch this space!

Lapka - is our Chief Tickles Officer and an integral member of our team. Set up by Dr. Vaiva Kalnikaitė in 2011, we are a tight-knit, multi-disciplinary team specialising in scientific user research and disruptive design. We are an international team hailing from Lithuania, Spain, Estonia, Germany, the US and the UK - London, Brighton & Yorkshire - and we bring together a wealth of experience and insights from across the globe.

Cambridge - a city of ideas, discovery, exploration and innovation. The university has been home to many hallowed names including Isaac Newton, Alan Turing and Stephen Hawking. Discoveries in this city include the structure of DNA, stem cells, the electron and the hole in the ozone layer. Here, the technique for IVF was created and the hovercraft was invented - the list of achievements is endless. It is impossible not to feel inspired and invigorated by these great feats of human endeavour and we channel this energy into our work.

FoodTech - Did you know that we have our own food chemistry lab? Here is where we create and mix the flavours for our nūfood creations. We are fascinated by taste, flavours and how they affect our emotional behaviour. Tom Gayler, our Senior UX Designer is studying a Dovetailed sponsored PhD on novel multi-sensory interactions. Read more about his work and research on our previous 'Tasting Your Emotions' blog post.

Please do contact us if you would like to chat more about our work or if you would like to get a copy of our stickers. Our email address is You can also connect with us on Twitter, Instagram or LinkedIn.


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