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Maker Faire Rome

At nūfood we were very excited to be invited to Maker Faire Rome recently. The Food Innovation Program and the Future Food Institute asked us to join them and a group of innovative food makers and hackers at this year’s event. It was great to get the opportunity to take the damson printer on an adventure abroad and share our printed food with a whole new audience. The atmosphere was amazing with so many people passionate and curious about the future of food.

The Officucina manifesto framed everyone’s attitudes perfectly, the constant searching with our senses and minds for new food experiences. We took along our honey, whisky and pomegranate inks to print with and they were sampled by young and old alike. It was a bit intimidating to take our food innovation to a country like Italy with such a proud food tradition but it went down a storm.

Between us, Alfy and I knew very little Italian so our first challenge was to share the nūfood robot with school children coming to visit the show. We quickly picked up the words for food, chibo and printer, stampa. And with some enthusiastic demonstration and tasty treats to share, we got the message across. We were well set-up for the afternoon and the rest of the weekend where we got the printer working non-stop to produce samples for young and old alike. It was exciting to be in a space with so many interesting foodie ideas, from growing your own mealworms for dinner to mushrooms grown in waste coffee grounds!

There was plenty to see besides food, they had a whole aircraft hangar of 3D printers. Making all sizes of objects from the tiny to the huge. However my favourite part was the drone area, where they had a course set-up for aerial drone racing and a large swimming pool for water based drones. There was even a drone suit, although I’m not convinced you’d fly very far wearing it!

Alfy meanwhile met some interesting musicians, although they weren’t too impressed when he requested they play something from the jungle book…


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