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London Food Tech Week: The Insect Bar Blog

Crickets, mealworms and nūfood, oh my!

On Tuesday, 18 October we participated as part of London Food Tech in "The Future of Food" event surrounded by buggy based delicacies in the YFood Insect Bar. Among the cricket pasta and mealworm cocktails, our nūfood kitchen robot dazzled as a featured innovative hardware. The exhibition was quite an event for our nūfood team. We served oak barrel whiskey and pomegranate balsamic flavour bursts on smoky gouda that dazzled taste buds. Our delicious 3D flavour bursts grabbed the attention of foodies as they tucked in for a taste after trying delights of insect ice cream and insect based thai street food. Vaiva drew in a large crowd with a live demo presenting to an audience of targeted industry guests.

We left excited about the interests expressed. And, while we explored the tastes offered by those demoing at the YFood Insect bar, got our minds wondering about adding insects to our flavours as a nutrition boost. Inspiration really can come from the most unusual places!


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