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From Pixel to Plate

Our CEO, Vaiva Kalnikaite was invited to deliver a talk at the Smart Kitchen Summit in Seattle this October. The talk was called: from Pixel to Plate: the future of 3D printed food.

There were many other inspirational talks, including a keynote from Rebecca Chesney from IFTF, fireside chats with chef Michael Voltaggio of Ink.Well Restaurant in Los Angeles and chef Tyler Florence of Food Network who convinced us that recipes are dead, in the same way that paper maps are dead.

Victoria Spadaro Grant, CTO of Barilla impressed us by describing how a large food company can embrace innovation and collaborate with small start-ups to achieve incredible results such as 3D printing self-folding pasta.

We also had some really interesting insights from Tony Ciepiel, COO of Vitamix– “Americans like to snack throughout the day instead of having larger sit-down meals” – Vitamix are really focusing on people’s experiences around smoothie making right now!

A group of architects and academics from the UK, including Johnny Grey from Johnny Grey Studios and Peter Gore from Newcastle University & ADL Smartcare had some new insights into designing multi-generational homes; for example, how the kitchen space needs to be a more sociable place where we cook and eat with each other. And the expectations of older generations aren’t what you would expect – so let’s design for the future of multi-generational homes.

The VIP dinner organised for all the speakers before the event was spectacular! We got to share a meal and an awesome chat with star entrepreneurs such as Nomiku co-founders Lisa & Abe Fetterman who brought along their 2 month old baby (how cool is that?!), Jinsoo An from Project Nourished and we got to say a quick ‘hi’ to Charlie Kindel, one of the guys behind the Alexa Smart Home.

We are really looking forward to next year now, when the Smart Kitchen Summit 2018 will be coming to Ireland!


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