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Founders Forum 2016

Dovetailed were delighted to be invited back to Founders Forum for the second year running, following the first public demonstration of our nūfood food printer at the event last year. The product has seen rapid development and several iterations since this point, leading to an appliance that is noticeably more compact and easier to use than before. This year we were entertaining the crowds of entrepreneurs, royalty and catwalk models with 3D printed raspberry and balsamic snails. This playful edible creation turned heads and sent tongues wagging within the start-up area.

Founders Forum attracts not only the world’s most revered CEOs (Eric Schmidt, Alphabet) but also journalists (Rory Cellan Jones, BBC), baronesses (Martha Lane-Fox,, politicians (Tessa Jowel) and international models (Lily Cole). They attend the event to make new connections, share experiences in business and discuss the latest developments in technology. On the latter point we were proud to be part of the start-up community at Founders Forum which included personalised coffee machines, personal airborne transportation, IoT widgets and new developments in haptic interfaces.

One of the highlights of the day’s agenda was an informal discussion with Nest founder Tony Fadell and David Adjaye of David Adjaye Associates inside of a large inflatable structure; they talked about the future of the built environment whether that be at home or at work. The panellists and moderator spoke at length about the need for open rather than closed systems, interoperability between different manufacturers and that the best technologies were those that were near invisible and frictionless to the end user. Adjaye especially spoke of the need in his view to reclaim spaces for their inhabitants, rather than fill them with ill-considered technology. It was on this point that he and Fadell agreed; not too surprising when you consider the design philosophy of Nest. It was difficult to avoid the question of what Mr Fadell will be spending his time doing now that he is stepping back from the CEO position at the company he founded; judging by his comments, he has lots of interesting projects in the pipeline.

We greatly enjoyed our time at Founders Forum 2016, sharing our vision of 3D food printing with leading figures from the technology industry. We hope to be back next year with even more exciting developments.

Dovetailed continue to showcase the nūfood printer at various events around the world that reflect our interests in consumer 3D-printing and gastronomy.


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