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Existential Intelligence

FRANK - ARTificial Intelligence by Cecilie Waagner Falkenstrøm has been gaining real traction this summer. The interactive audio installation utilizes the newest advancements within artificial intelligence technology to bring to life a fictional character, ‘FRANK’. Visitors of exhibition are invited to engage in direct dialogue with FRANK, you can ask him questions about your worries, fears, hopes and ambitions.

This contemporary oracle that gives personal guidance regarding existential dilemmas has grasped our attention while we too have been hard at work to produce our own prophetic AI. Dovetailed’s Auntie Iris (coming soon) is an AI agony aunt and modern-moral compass.

This project was inspired by research into designing and developing ethical AI programs that protect users from any harm and reflect traditional human moral codes. The Dovetailed team were keen to do some of their own design work and experience what it is to create an ethical AI in practice. Naturally, we put a playful spin on this and set out to create an AI that teaches humans to be more ethical whilst guiding them through personal moral or ethical dilemmas.

In short, much like FRANK, Auntie Iris helps users interacting with the intelligent machine decipher what it is to be human. FRANK as an exhibition has served a platform for us to consider the existential and ethical dilemmas we are faced with as we continue to develop these intelligent technologies.

Advancements in Artificial Intelligences have us asking ourselves: What does it mean to be human? Could intelligent machines pose a threat upon our species? Or will it enhance our human capacity? Here at Dovetailed, we look forward to designing a future with trust-worthy AIs that allow us to be super-human! What future do you see?


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