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Dovetailed in Seattle

That's right, Dovetailed is expanding! We are pleased to announce that we are opening a new branch based in Seattle, US.

For some time now Dovetailed has been looking to cross the big pond and establish a stronger presence in the US market. And what better a place to do this than Seattle? The 'Boom Town', the new 'mecca' for innovation, design and tech. Attracting a highly educated talent base, and a vast portfolio of out-of-town companies migrating to the rainy city, it's no wonder that Seattle is now one of the top two tech markets in the US.

With many tech giants already occupying a well-established presence in Seattle, and the steady rise of promising start-ups, the land is ripe for UX researchers and designers such as ourselves.

So if you are reading this from across the pond and are interested in what we are doing, give us a ring on our new US number: 206 801 5394


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