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Designing for the Connected Kitchen

In recent years Beko has successfully differentiated its range of home appliances by integrating user-centred innovations that take advantage of the latest technology. By mapping key consumer trends against emerging technologies Dovetailed were able to facilitate a process of co-creation with the company’s internal R&D team which resulted in a vision for the connected kitchen. This vision combined advanced sensor technology, wireless connectivity and a user-centred workflow to produce a compelling range of kitchen products including a smart hob, chopping board and fridge freezer. The latter has seen extensive prototyping and usability testing; live data was collected during a two-week home user study, enabling detailed analysis of actual behaviour in addition to more subjective interview feedback. Further iterations of this product have been prototyped in the lead up to a live demonstration at IFA 2017 in Berlin.

“I wanted to thank you for all of your efforts on this project: you and your team have done a great job with the user trials and UI development, as well as the concept development in our previous project. I really appreciate that you have worked so hard on this, gone beyond initial scope and been so helpful in providing us with a working interface. We’re very happy with your work and the end product you have delivered.”

Adam, Project Manager


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