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Design of User Experiences for AI

At Dovetailed we have been exploring, researching and designing Artificial Intelligence (AI) driven applications. We are particularly interested in the interaction between people and AI. To learn more and to meet others thinking and working in this space we joined the AAAI Spring symposium on the UX of AI at Stanford University.

The talks and workshops focused on all aspects of AI including design for AI. This included: the philosopher Dr. Betti Marenko from Central Saint Martins talking about the meaning of machine in the context of technogenesis; the evolution of technical objects; and, how Google AI are building AI systems that doubt themselves. We listened in on a panel discussion with Deborah Forster around meaning making and relational system thinking and UX looking at parallels with her research with chimpanzees in Africa. We also learned about new prototyping tools and explored techniques that will allow us to think more broadly and adapt to the new paradigms of designing user experience for AI driven applications


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