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BBC Clickmas Special

BBC Click’s Christmas Special (still available on BBC iplayer) features Cambridge-based design agency Dovetailed with their robot, nūfood, the world’s first 3d liquid food printer. BBC Click, is the go-to television show to find out about all the latest gadgets, websites, games and tech industry news. The Dovetailed team scored what the show’s producer Os Iqbal described as a “hat-trick” as they were also invited to a special edition of BBC Click Live to showcase nūfood in front of a live studio audience. This follows the appearance of the nūfood printer on the BBC Click episode Up, up and Away,” first aired on 11th November 2017, which had Lara Lewington, one of the show’s presenters, espousing the benefits of a compact and attractive 3d printer such as nūfood, as a kitchen accessory. Look out for the special edition of BBC Click Live with Spencer Kelly, Kate Russell and Dovetailed's Vaiva Kalnikaitė, the second live show ever, which will be broadcast early in the new year and will be the first BBC Click broadcast of 2018.


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