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An Evening of Taste and Technology

Over the past month, the nūfood Team have hosted a couple of pop-up dining experiences, in Cambridge and London, to showcase the kitchen printer to an intimate group of diners. Guests enjoyed an exciting eight-course taster menu playing on traditional and contemporary British dining, all sourced from natural ingredients. Each course was, of course, enhanced by unique 3D printed flavour bursts produced by the kitchen robot!

Guests were welcomed by being served a delicious cocktail accompanied with not just any garnish, but one of our 3D printed creations.

The ambitious eight course taster menu consisted of unique themed plates with Chef Alfy drawing inspiration from various quarters. The pork dish was inspired by a local confit pork dish in Andalusia which is also home to the sherry triangle and so the dish was accompanied by 3D printed sherry.

For two of the dishes, the printed flavour bursts were instrumental in allowing the flavours to work, either by boosting flavours already present or by allowing the flavours to be incorporated in a way that didn’t overpower the rest of the dish. The home-cured mackerel had a strong fishy flavour and we wanted to give it an Asian feel. By adding a wasabi print to the plate, we were able to intensify the flecks of horseradish throughout the accompanying salad. The delicate radish garden would have been overwhelmed with the smoke flavour if it had been spread across the dish, but by adding a 3D printed snail made of smoke flavour, it allowed the flavour to be controlled. The snails, which also included a non-edible 3D printed shell, were a particular hit with the guests!

In the box of chocolates course we paired flavour combinations that are a bit unusual, so by using a 3D print we were able to detach preconceptions that guests might have had about those ingredients. Approximately 25 separate flavour bursts were served to each diner – the kitchen robot had been very busy in the run up to the event!

It's fair to say that the events were a triumph with the guests who attended - the opportunity to be some of the first people to try out this new technology made it especially exciting: "Talking about technology and then actually eating it is a real treat"; "It's science making food fun again and allowing more experimentation than you'd be able to get from normal ingredients."

The Team was happy that the events went well. It's always rewarding to see people enjoying the fruits (and 3D prints!) of your labour and many of the guests were keen to find out more from the Team after the meals and to meet Alfy who had been busy slaving away in the kitchen.

The success of these two sell-out events demonstrates a genuine appetite for 3D printed food, and has been a great way to promote the unique creations that are only possible with the nūfood kitchen robot. Whilst our ultimate vision is to have kitchen robots in every home, we will be taking the first step in this process with an in-home trial later this year. Following this opportunity to collect valuable feedback we will be making further refinements to the design, and final preparations for manufacture ahead of a full product launch.


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