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5 minutes with Hai-Dao

Hai-Dao is Dovetailed's new design UX intern! As a UX Design Intern, I help with various parts of design and research! It’s only been a few days in but the people have been very kind and the work is super interesting!

I wish I had invented... The plug - that way, there would be only one sort and no need for any adapters.

I love the work coming out of businesses like DeepMind and Medium. They do critical work in tech that tries to advance humanity.

What personal achievements are you most proud of? I successfully threw a dinner party for 40 and didn’t burn one thing!

My favourite bit of tech is bluetooth headsets – so much more portable.

If I were an animal I would be a grizzly bear as they are both Canadian and vegan.

Cambridge is pretty the streets are and the prevalence of bubble tea shops.

My hobbies and interests include, cooking, travelling and learn new languages!

I like my coffee black and decaffeinated


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