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5 mins with Katherine

Katherine Tachibana recently joined Dovetailed as an UI Alchemist. We poured ourselves a big mug of coffee and settled in for a chat to discover more about Katherine.


My role at Dovetailed focuses on UI and visual design as part of the UX design process. Bringing the ideas in my head & stakeholders’ goals to life by utilising my skills and knowledge which I enjoy the most about my job.

Working at Dovetailed is cosy and relaxed, but serious when necessary. I feel the team is an assembly of supportive, versatile, creative and autonomous individuals.

I wish I had invented the Futura font. It’s created in 1927 (almost 100 years ago), but it’s never gone old and still very popular. As a designer, it’s the ultimate dream to create something like that!

The business I most admire is City Pantry, the company changed my view of Monday morning. Where I used to work offered the employees free breakfast every Monday and I liked it a lot. When I found out that the breakfast is delivered by City Pantry, I was simply impressed by the power of food and their business ideas.

My proudest personal achievement and my long-time dream was returning to a creative career. I had been working away from the creative industries after initially taking part in a super early phase of DreamWorks.

I love weird and unusual pieces of tech like this Blade Runner style LED umbrella.

If I were an animal, I would be a cat, of course. Free and easy, but picky! (I’m just honest to my feeling)

As I’m new to Cambridge, I don’t know much about it yet, but I want to explore the town properly in the summer. My impression is… it’s quite academic, liberal, independent and historical.

My hobbies include learning the Italian language, Oriental philosophy, cooking, collecting fonts, outdoor activities, watching films, listening to the music and hanging out with friends.

I like my coffee like life. It can be bitter, sour or pleasant depending on the choice of beans or how you roast it. It can be sweet or milky by adding condiments. It can be different depending on whom you drink with. The tastes are totally up to you like how you live your life.


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