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5 minutes with Matt

Matt Clark is Dovetailed’s new Office Manager. Matt started with the team at the end of 2018. We grabbed a coffee and took 5 minutes to chat to him about his role and what he will be bringing to the team


My role is that of operational management, which is diverse something I really enjoy about it. It ranges from accounting to recruitment, stock control to maintenance and many things in-between.

Working at Dovetailed is friendly, engaging, entertaining! No two days are the same and that variety is incredibly motivating.

I wish I had invented a way to record and watch dreams, I rarely remember them but when I do, I don’t remember enough to piece together a full picture.

I’m a big fan of Levi’s, they were founded 166 years ago and have remained relevant in an ever changing industry. And Sony, consumer electronics is a competitive marketplace and they lead the way.

Professionally the achievement I am most proud of is playing a part in Amazon’s growth in Cambridge- and I hope to play a part in Dovetailed’s.

My favourite bit of tech is probably my PS4, all my entertainment is stored on that console.

If I were an animal? Wow, tough question! I admire adaptiveness and survivability, and few animals can match Emperor Penguins for those traits. So, I'd be a penguin!

The architecture is great in Cambridge, the picturesque surroundings, the history and diversity- Cambridge has it all. Plus, it has good transport links to London and major airports.

Outside of amazing UX and Innovation my interests are sport, reading and hanging out with my friends.

And finally the most important question… I like my coffee strong and often!


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