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5 minutes with Emily

It’s really cool to have my first work experience here, and everyone’s really nice . A good environment to work.

I wish I had invented a radio that can listen to others’ memories.

I wish I can be a good product designer and own my own company

I was really proud of myself that I achieved what I wanted 5years ago- going to the king’s school Canterbury and doing really well in art ,and knowing what I want in the future.

If I had a superpower I would stop the time and let my family and I become immortal 🤓

My favourite bit of tech is anything new and unexpected

If I were an animal I would be a Dolphin

Cambridge is a city with long history and good colleges . A pretty place to study, also I have family here.

My hobbies are playing guitar, painting, singing, swimming

I would go dinner with anyone who’s famous in this business, to ask how he/she

achieved the success that somebody else didn’t and how can they do to help me set up my own business and run it well.

In 3 words I am... Active, hard-working , forthright

I like a Soy Macchiato for my coffee☕️

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