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The Robot Takeover

Stylist Magazine, for their 400th Issue which is a 'Special Collector’s Edition', shone a spotlight on Dovetailed’s 3d liquid food-printing robot, nūfood, as the “food of the future”.

For their circulation of half a million readers, Stylist produced “The Robot Takeover” edition to mark the key milestone, with robots influencing every aspect of the magazine, including the food pages. On pages 67-8 readers are given a step-by step guide to the printer and "ridiculously easy" to use app created by Dovetailed to 3d print their own dinner.

Design agency Dovetailed created nūfood at their laboratory in Cambridge and to date have produced over 40 intensely-flavoured liquids, with the app suggesting interesting flavour pairings, shapes and recipes to bring an extra, bespoke element to a dish.

"nūfood is incredibly exciting,” says Jenny Tregoning of Stylist “– a compact kitchen gadget that turns flavoured liquids into 3D-printed caviar-like garnishes for canapés, main courses, desserts – even cocktails. The app is super simple to use and you can easily switch up flavours, colours and designs to create a unique sensory experience every time."

The ‘Gourmet on the Go’ article can be found on page 67-8 of Stylist magazine dated 24th January 2018.

Visit Dovetailed’s website and connect with them on Twitter, Instagram or LinkedIn.

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