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5 minutes with Charlotte

The latest new face is Charlotte Simmons, Dovetailed’s new Office and Accountant Assistant. We took 5 minutes out of designing the next big thing in tech to find out a bit more…

As an office and accounts assistant I do a variety of jobs which is fabulous! I assist with company emails, data input, contacting new clients and sending out newsletters. I also organise press releases and support the team by changing up the look of the office!

I like working at Dovetailed as the work is diverse and it is a fun environment to work in.

I wish I had invented Camembert. It’s just magical. Pair it with some crispy bread and you’re sorted.

The business I most look up to is my father’s precision engineering business and those alike which struggle immensely throughout hard times but fight back stronger.

I also admire Kitchen designers and silversmiths such as Robert Welch who owns a hugely successful but simple, family run business.

The personal achievements I’m most proud of is my ergonomic cutlery designs for arthritic users. It was amazing to see the result my products made to users in the disability sector and to hear their feedback on how my designs changed their daily lives.

I know it is a bit of a cliché but my favourite bit of tech is my phone. I can’t live without it! At 25 years of age, I’m still struggling to use basic tech and my phone has everything I need in one place. Where else can you listen to Taylor Swift, play Candy Crush and find all the latest gossip?

If I were to be an animal I would choose an alpaca. I think the life of an alpaca could be an interesting one…

I’m a newbie to Cambridge I’m still working my way around! But I’m a huge foodie and love how every corner you turn there is always something new to see.

I like my coffee black – like my soul. Woops, kidding!

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