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5 minutes with Adam

We grabbed a cuppa with Adam Lewis Dovetailed’s in-house Software Engineer to find out how he ticks and some of his favourite bits of tech…

My role at Dovetailed is to provide all sorts of technical know-how and skills for a range of projects.

Working at Dovetailed is a great mix of people & ideas, you hear about something new and different on a regular basis.

The thing I most wish I had invented is Pizza! It’s so simple but you can’t go wrong with a crisp base, tasty tomato and topping it off with cheese.

The app I wish I’d created is an Android app for entering GTA cheats. This brainwave essentially paid for a friend’s year of university in a week.

My favourite bit of tech is my Gameboy. It’s an oldie but a goody.

Adam's Gameboy

The achievement I am most proud of is the development of a search engine for my dissertation that actually worked well enough to trick people into thinking it was a genuine service.

If I were an animal, I would be some kind of bird I guess. That’s because I could fly and I would be a descendant of dinosaurs - that’s pretty cool, no?

Cambridge is great because of all the green space. It makes for some great summer BBQs and the cycling culture makes it very easy to get about the city.

My hobbies and interests are gaming, languages (I’m leaning Spanish!), movies, guitar, piano and programming (yes even in my time off!).

I’m not a coffee fan. It has to be Tea. Tea is way better.

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