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5 minutes with Nicole

Nicole Richards is Dovetailed's 'Catatlyst', promoting the business through her acumen and can-do attitude. We sat down with her to get her thoughts on business, design and more...

My role at Dovetailed is helping promote the business. I look after accounts, contracts and paperwork as well as taking part in team brainstorms and talking to clients about the great services we offer.

Working at Dovetailed is Forward-'Finking', Focused, Friendly and Fun, all the F's!

I wish I’d written ‘Genie in a Bottle’, sung by Christina Aguilera – pure genie-us.

The businesses I most admire are the surviving ones! In particular I admire creative businesses, where the owners are doing what they themselves love – not necessarily for the glory or the money.

The achievements I am most proud of are earning a Gold Disc from the sale of 25,000 records for a song I co-wrote, published through EMI. I also recently got a first in my Law degree.

My favourite bit of tech is the kettle, although I think I need one with some kind of audio alert as I always forget it and end up boiling more than once!

If I was an animal, I'd be a panther – sleek, sly and sexy – if only.

Cambridge is great! I particularly enjoy The Backs (a picturesque strip of land behind some of Cambridge's most famous colleges). Another great thing is its reputation for intelligence, you're never far away from the next big thing!

Aside from design I love Art Galleries, dancing, and metaphorically walking through doors marked ‘private’.

And finally when it comes to coffee I like to be flexible, sometimes I like it white, sometimes black, sometimes with one sugar, sometimes without, sometimes with a bit of chocolate, sometimes instant, sometimes freshly ground, sometimes strong…

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