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5 minutes with Dominic

Dr Dominic Mikulin is Dovetailed's Head of Business Development. We grabbed a quick chat with him recently to get his views on technology and design. At Dovetailed my role is to introduce companies to the benefits of having Dovetailed assist them in creating market leading products and services by fully considering the user interaction and experience.

Working at Dovetailed is fun and varied. I've only just started but already I feel right at home.

The one thing I wished I'd invented is the LED, whoever did was a real bright spark!

The businesses I most admire are Google, Dyson, Virgin, John Lewis and Screwfix. Great business is not always about being flashy but knowing your customers and delivering for them.

The achievements I am most proud of are my children and the companies I created.

My favourite bit of tech is the internet, it's even better than sliced bread!

If I were an animal I would be an Orangutan, I always fancied going ginger.

Cambridge is by far the best place I have lived through a combination of the atmosphere, the people and the buzz of technology.

My hobbies are entertaining children (my own) and making gadgets.

I like breakfast coffee from the lake regions of Italy. Delicious!

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