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Analysing Public Opinion

for Factmata

Factmata developed a tool to find trusted, unbiased news sources by looking at their factuality and bias. This programme was targeted towards marketing and brand specialists so they could see what the public discourse was about their product or client. It would also aid Government officials in understanding the public's needs and wants, and in turn craft better policies. Dovetailed was brought onto the project to optimise the structure and design of the tool.


  • Personas

  • Wireframes

  • UX Design

  • UI Design

  • Interactive prototypes


We optimised and simplified the interface to create a better experience for the user. We started by dividing the user base into groups with the help of personas based on their needs and product usage. We then created specialised user interfaces for each persona. After that was achieved, we brought all the UIs together and created a 'master', which served as a base template for all potential future user groups.

By tailoring the interface for each user group, we were able to target the unique needs of each persona. This allowed for a streamlined user experience without cluttering the user interface and overwhelming the user.


Dovetailed developed a user interface that is straightforward and differentiates from competing tools. A design system was created to make the product easily scalable in the future. In addition, Dovetailed created three unique UI sets for each of the three user groups.

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