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Green Energy Options (GEO)

The energy landscape is changing; consumers have the ability to generate and store their own power using solar panels and batteries whilst the advent of electric vehicles has wider implications for the grid. We were invited to drive new thinking, create a vision of how people will interact with energy in the future and prototype novel designs to be showcased at international events.

Trend Analysis

Consumer trends analysis and literature review allowed us to identify opportunities in the energy sector. We then recruited a group of solar panel and electric vehicle users who helped identify unmet needs and the failings of existing system products. 


Wireframes of lead concepts were created to gather feedback from the client and users on the interactions and flow user experience on a mobile device. Rapid iterations allowed us to refine the lead concept and proceed with the design and implementation of an interactive prototype.

Interactive App

After defining the flow through interactive wireframes we focussed on usability testing and harmonising visuals with the overall brand. We then created a high fidelity prototype which was used as an 'app' at an exhibition (see below) to collect further consumer insights before engaging the development team.


GEO generated a great deal of partner interest at European Utility Week 2017 where they demoed this new product and vision. 


• Design strategy

• Long term product vision

• User experience (UX) design

• Wireframing

• Interactive prototypes

• Product showcase video


Future Kitchen


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