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Digital & Physical

Re-imagining the way we prepare, cook & store food

for Beko

In recent years, Beko has successfully differentiated its range of home appliances by integrating user-centred innovations that take advantage of the latest technology. Beko brought Dovetailed in to facilitate the process of ideation and the development of a new prototype for the connected kitchen.


  • Consumer and technology trends analysis

  • Ideation workshop

  • User research

  • Live-data collection and analysis

  • Translation of user insights into design concepts

  • UX design

  • Industrial design

  • Wireframes

  • Interactive prototypes

Only the best ideas will fly

We led an ideation workshop for Beko's R&D team at our offices. We generated many interesting ideas which we narrowed down to the smart fridge concept as the one with the greatest potential for further development. 

Understanding users

We started this project by exploring existing behaviours around fridge use from a range of users. Asking ourselves how do fridges and other methods of food storage fit into everyday routines? We decided to apply ethnography to observe, log and analyse these routine behaviours. For this, we designed and ran a user research study of eight individuals and families.

We designed and developed probes that allowed us to capture data unobtrusively and observe behaviours and habits from a distance. We collected a vast amount of high-quality data which gave us deep insights and helped us discover new behavioural patterns.

Iterative Design Process

Our design & research team iterated and quickly translated the research into early concepts for the smart fridge through sketching and presentation visuals until a winning product, embodied with intuitive UI, was designed and completed.


​​The results of the in-home trial and subsequent usability testing on more finessed prototypes built Beko’s confidence in the value of smart fridges and connected kitchen appliances. This led to the demonstration of a prototype at IFA 2017, a top-tier expo for showcasing the latest home appliance innovations. The prototype was then put forwards for future product design by Beko.

Dovetailed team have done a great job with the user trials and UI development, as well as the concept development in our previous project.

I really appreciate that you have worked so hard on this, gone beyond initial scope and been so helpful in providing us with a working interface. We’re very happy with your work and the end product you have delivered.

—  Project Manager

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