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Identifying Fake News

for Factmata

Since it is not always clear who can be trusted and who can provide information without bias, Factmata developed a browser extension that analyses websites while people are using them. It looks at the content and checks for sensationalism, bias, or if an article is more opinion than fact. The brief for Dovetailed was to improve the user experience and make the rating clear and easy to understand.


  • User research

  • A/B testing

  • UX Design

  • UI Design

  • Interactive prototypes


We redesigned the user interface and provided two different UI options which were then validated through an A/B test. Once we had the results of the user studies, we then went on to create a final version of the UI, considering all the input the users gave us.

We started our design process with two different themes, serious and playful, and developed the user interfaces accordingly. We later tested these themes in a user study and found out that the playful theme was preferred by the users.


Through our iterative approach Dovetailed was able to deliver a refreshed and validated UI design in a very short timeframe. We were able to simplify the user flow and compress some of the long explanatory texts with easy to grasp icons and graphs.

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