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Cognitive Testing Portal

for Cambridge Cognition

Cambridge Cognition tasked Dovetailed with creating a platform which would help improve the retention and completion rates for their suite of cognitive tests. These tests are used across the globe by a range of industries so our design needed to be widely accessible and work within different language and cultural contexts.


  • User research

  • Personas

  • User journeys

  • UI Design

  • UX design

  • Universal design


Our vision was to create an engaging, professional, easy to use, intuitive and consistent testing experience for participants that did not feel too intensive or straining for the user.


We conducted a heuristic evaluation of the online testing tool, and implemented observational research to map current user journeys and identify areas for fine-tuning. Following a co-creation session with Cambridge Cognition, we created a prototype which illustrated a re-envisioned user experience, and put it to the test with an observational study.

Designing with scientific insight  

We followed an iterative process to incorporate scientific insight into a design that delivered on the exacting conditions for valid cognitive testing. Throughout this process we were able to bring the client’s vision to life, exceeding their expectations by considering each step in the process.


We were able to compare both journeys using qualitative and quantitative measures to demonstrate tangible improvements to the users using the tool and make actionable design recommendations to the client. Following positive results Cambridge Cognition rolled out our designs as part of an updated product offering.

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