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Accounting Software with a New Face

For Aqilla

Aqilla approached Dovetailed to update the current interface of their digital accounting software, while keeping the overall feel intact. They wanted to make the experience of using their product smoother, without moving too far away from what their users know and are used to. Aqilla also wanted to make the product responsive to enable customers to use their product on mobile devices.


  • Personas

  • User Journeys

  • Wireframes

  • UI Design

  • UX Design


Aqilla’s online accountancy tool has hundreds of users in big and small companies, in addition to freelance accountants. All of these customers use Aqilla as a main tool for their work, and spend a significant part of their workday in it. We wanted to make sure that the improvements we made were not disruptive to their users, who know the software very well and would need to relearn common tasks if we were to make big changes.


We started by researching Aqilla’s users and their habits when using the tool. We looked at the most common tasks, who would do them and when. Based on the information we gathered, we created 2 personas to visualise the users and to bring us onto the same page as the client. We then analysed the current interface, identifying opportunities for improvement. We looked at the user flows for the most important tasks and shortened and reorganised them based on what we found out about the user’s behaviours. 


Parallel to working on the new user flows, we started developing a few options for a new colour scheme. A new look is the best way to modernise an application, without having to change the structure. With Aqilla’s existing colour scheme in mind, we developed a range of colour palettes and design treatments. 


Based on our research and the iterations of user flows, we were able to deliver a blueprint for further development work and a set of fresh and modern colour palettes for Aqilla to choose from.

Having demonstrated a really good understanding of Aqilla, Dovetailed helped us develop a range of changes which were simple, straightforward, quick to deliver and caused the least disruption to our user community. They also added positively to the overall ‘user experience' and retained the superb core capability of the platform.

—  Director at Aqilla

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