Public Art Installation

Sounds Good


Engage the Homerton Gardens community in the creation and celebration of public art.


Create a series of interactive sound sculptures that delight and entice people to enjoy and be a part of the art around them. 


  • Experience design

  • User research

  • Installations


To celebrate the formal launch of Cambridge sculptor Harry Gray’s works Setting Out and Made to Measure at Homerton Gardens, Dovetailed explored the intersection of sound and sculpture by engaging members of the community in creating 10 second recordings responding to prompts about the sculpture and the community at large.

The concept behind the sound installation was to use sound as a medium to connect the past, present and future of the site. Prior to the event day, we collected and curated interviews and sounds of stone carving from the artist and former employees of Rattee & Kett.


These were supported by the community who added a range of spoken word and atmospheric recordings performed on the day of the event.


The range of recording types allowed the work to encourage a wide range of ages to take part. The physical installation consisted of 6 stands - each with a different theme for the recorded sounds. The recordings were allowed to be individually replayed, allowing the audience to engage with snippets of sound that frame the stories of the work and the community’s responses.


The Sounds Good installation served as a gateway to the sculpture in many ways. It provided a physical presence which piqued curiosity, a soundscape that enticed people to listen and join in, and a community which came together to engage in both the creation and appreciation of art. We encouraged participants in our installation to enjoy the event as a whole which increased engagement with the event surrounding the sculpture and Setting Out itself.

Over 60 participants interacted and contributed to our piece. You can find a sample of their work below. 

Interact with the Sounds Good Installation

Sculpture Opinions
Sculpture Sounds
Time Living Here
Site History
Six Word Novel
Environmental Sounds


  • Experience design

  • User research

  • Installations

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