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nūfood at the Nobu Hotel

This month saw us launch the rentals of the nūfood kitchen robot hire events with a demo at the exclusive Nobu hotel in Shoreditch London.

The nūfood team had created some tasty treats with a little help from our friends at Dulcedo. Served to 30 guests were star-shaped passion fruits bursts sat a top a creamy chocolate mousse, the sharp tangy fruit flavours perfectly matched with the rich chocolately taste. But before the guests got their hands on dessert they were treated to a demo of the nūfood robot.

They took it in turns to design and print their own designs putting the printer through its paces. They had fun designing patterns, initials and some abstract art with the sleek app and then watching eagerly as the designs came to life as the robot danced its way through the printing process. The guests were all experts in the food industry and loved the opportunity to get a taste of the future of food and to speak about food innovation with the nūfood team.

If you want to wow your guests or colleagues with some future flavours follow the link here to hire nūfood for your event.

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