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  • Robert

nūfood at Develop3D & Inition

​As word gets out about the 3D food printing revolution nūfood are cooking up, more and more interesting invitations appear in our inbox. This month saw nūfood attend the first evening networking event hosted by Inition at its Shoreditch based demo studio. Inition specialize in utilising new technologies to create unique interactive experiences; whether that be an art installation, corporate entertainment or marketing promotion.

Nūfood created blackcurrent and vanilla berries throughout the evening for guests who expressed great intrigue and delight at not only our patent-pending droplet based process, but also the compactness of our newest appliance. Of particular interest was the fact that we have recently been adding spirits and liqueurs to our roster of delicious recipes (for responsible consumption naturally).

Amongst the crowd that gathered to witness our demonstration were designers, engineers, artists, entrepeneurs and brand experts who were keen to taste our juicy creations. The only issue in satiating demand was that we quickly ran out of spoons! Luckily Inition’s Business and Sales Director Jay was on hand to deal with such a dilemma; a quick trip to the kitchen and we were all sorted.

In-between demoing the nūfood printer and chatting to interested guests Robert and Vaiva briefly had time to explore the hand-picked examples of cutting edge technology in the Inition demo studio. There were fantastic examples of multi-material 3D printers, immersive VR headsets and interactive holograms; we could have easily stayed all night playing with these advanced tools and gadgets.

Following our crowdfunding campaign later this year, we hope to get the nūfood printer into the hands of more and more foodies, chefs and creative cooks. Please check back at our website and Twitter feed for up-to-date information on events that we will be attending and all of the latest developments as we refine our unique kitchen appliance.

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