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Arm enlisted Dovetailed's help in creating an interactive exhibit to showcase their latest inventions, projects, products, and partners in an engaging way for Embedded World 2019.


The exhibit had to approach the task of selling Arm's world-leading products and capabilities in a fun and engaging way that would stand out amongst the many competitors at the trade fair. The aim was to create an innovative installation to be exhibited at Embedded World 2019 that could be reused easily at future events.



To help Arm create this innovative exhibit we generated a number of creative directions, considering both playful and professional themes. The final concept was an interactive quiz, that allowed participants to play and contribute as part of their experience at the Arm stand.


To achieve Arm’s goal of learning more about the exhibits audience, we developed a research-based user persona .


Everyone expects cutting-edge tech exhibits at a tech trade show, but to stand out you need something extra. This is why we chose to create a physical/digital experience, connecting well-designed physical objects with an engaging digital experience.


The design brief agreed with Arm saw Dovetailed design:

  • a digital prototype; the UI of quiz 

  • a physical prototype; 3D planets, printer to print the personalised receipt for each attendee, and dial box to select/submit an answer

  • a software package which connects digital and physical components.









We suggested a few different design options to each digital element, such as planets and alien.

One of the main tasks was to follow ensuring consistency through the design process with Arm’s branding guidelines.

We achieved this through close collaborations with Arm’s marketing team kept the design playful and clear whilst remaining inline with Arm’s brand.



We developed both low and mid-fi wireframes, and a high fidelity prototype complying with Arm’s branding guidelines.
To bring a sense of fun an animated alien was used to navigate participants throughout the quiz.



3D planets, a dial box, and a spaceship-shaped receipt were developed as physical prototypes. 


Our internal design team produced a series of rapid iterations on the design through regular contact with the client. This allowed us to refine the concept and efficiently progress to the implementation of interactive prototypes to meet tight deadlines. 






Whilst refining the digital high fidelity prototype, Dovetailed's internal development team developed a software package.


Raspberry Pi was chosen for its portability, showing a good use of an Arm processor. Python can run graphic libraries like PyGame on Raspberry Pi and it allows to connect physical components, such as dial box and printers to the digital part. 





We recruited hardware engineers to evaluate the prototypes and to collect their insights. Our studies revealed their needs and further pain-points which generated design improvements. We worked closely with Arm which allowed us to rapidly make amendments and refinements on the digital prototype.







The Arm exhibit generated a great deal of interest and interaction at Embedded World 2019 where they demonstrated this innovative quiz exhibit.










  • Persona and Storyboard

  • User Journey Development

  • Development of Wireframes

  • Digital Prototyping

  • Physical Prototyping

  • Software development

  • Usability Studies

  • Participant Recruitment

  • UI/Visual Design

  • Interactive & Physical Electronics

  • Co-creation with Client Teams


Python + Pi
Usability Testing with Users
Demo @ Embedded World 2019
UI Design Process

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