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8power’s novel technology can harvest power from vibration in the environment. This makes it perfect for powering IoT sensors in remote or hard to reach locations. We helped 8power in thinking about the set-up, placement and monitoring of these sensors for their customers. We developed detailed user flows which looked at each person’s interaction with the product and how this was passed over and would ultimately influence the next person’s experience. This culminated in a way of monitoring these sensors in the long term and detailing the information on how and when they would be needed to be presented to the user.

“Many thanks for your support with our project. We are very happy with the insight that you provided us.”


User Journey

The initial set-up of the product required a technician who may never have seen the device before to be accurately guided through the installation process, alerting the sensor owner of the installation and verification of the install. Creating dedicated hand-over points of ownership made this process clear for everyone in the chain so they knew who had to do what and when.


Using rapid iteration of ideas through sketching we evaluated these concepts internally to create a click-through wireframe as a concept check. We tested this click-through concept to understand comprehension and updated the design from there. After a few more rounds of iterative testing we produced a fully working prototype for 8 power so they could share this with clients and develop from it.

Design Principles

8Power already had an identity they were fond of and wanted us to use our creative skills to further this identification into the design of their web app. We created an asset bank and colours which led to the further strengthening of their identity.


The feedback from the webapp has been brilliant with potential customers seeing real value in the core offering of IoT sensors remotely monitored from a web interface.


• Design strategy

• Long term product vision

• User experience (UX) design

• Wireframes

• Interactive prototypes

• Product showcase video


Physical and Digital​


UX for Complex Domains

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