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GreaterSkies, Cambridge based company specialised in creating custom star maps, approached Dovetailed to recommend ways in which the company could increase the sales of its hight quality Star Maps through better UX design.


Star maps or start charts are detailed maps of the sky as it looks from any position on the world either in the past, present or future. GreaterSkies was one of the pioneers in the market, the idea was forged in 2005, and despite having the most accurate engine generator behind, a large amount of features to create a personalised product and a top quality digital and printed maps, customers seemed to prefer the large amount of recent created competitors with less quality products but more economic prices.

How can a business re establish its domain in such competitive market? 

“Here it would go a quote from Juan”

Juan Reyero, CEO and Founder at GreaterSkies

Ideation workshops, heuristic analysis and surveys

A research focused approach based in evidences.


At Dovetailed workshops are informal but productive chats with our clients. They help us to understand their business, learn about their customers and establish main areas of action.


Likewise with heuristics we are able to identify problems and suggest solutions. We also gather information via surveys. 


In the case of GreaterSkies, we soon realised that small improvements to the customer journey could benefit the sales. 

Persona and User Journey

The UX of AI is a work-in-progress and a vast new space to explore. We are researching, designing and running user studies to help to answer fundamental questions which will enable their vision.

  • Qualitative and quantitative user research

  • HCI research and design

  • Participant recruitment

  • Personas and user journeys


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